Yvonne Johansson * 20-08-1935 † 26-10-2017

My mother has left us today. She fell asleep peacefully just after 5 pm in the palliative care unit, Västerås.
In the spring/summer of 2016, she started complaining that she had a bad image and had no appetite.
In November 2016, she was informed that he had cancer of the bile ducts in the liver and that it was not possible to operate or irradiate.

What they could do was to give chemotherapy to keep it down but it couldn’t be removed
In the winter/spring of 2017, she received chemotherapy, but she kept getting worse and worse.
She lost weight and had no appetite.

During the summer, she was in the cottage and had no chemotherapy. In September she was to have surgery to correct a stent she had in her bile duct, the surgery went well and she also got a blood infection that
almost took her life.

After this she was so bad that they did not want to continue with any treatment and in consultation with the mother and the brothers. It was decided to switch to palliative care. She ended up being taken to the palliative care unit in Gryta, but at the beginning of October she was moved to the newly opened palliative care unit in Västerås. She fell asleep for good just after 5pm on October 26, 2017.

She will be missed!

Olof Johansson * 1934-07-14 † 2010-10-10

My father left us today. He fell asleep peacefully just before 1 pm at Västerås hospital. In the fall of 2009, he was operated on for cancer in the upper stomach. And even then I was worried that he wouldn’t make it.

Was then down in Kosovo and in December he was so bad that I got a warning from mother that he might not make it. But during the spring he became healthier and was able to leave the hospital, and during the summer he and his mother were out in the cabin.

In the middle of August, he began to complain that he was out of energy. In the middle of September he was admitted to the hospital and he became everything
more powerless and on October 10 just before 1 p.m. he fell asleep for good.

He will be missed

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