Strömsholm slott 2023

Strömsholm’s yellow baroque castle is outside Västerås. Among the attractions are 18th-century furnishings in the Gustavian style and a significant collection of Swedish paintings.

The castle is built on a stone-set islet right where the flowing waters of Kolbäcksån flows into Mälarviken Freden. Royal travelers liked to spend the night here on journeys south, and even today the castle with its green surroundings is a popular excursion destination.

The castle houses a castle chapel and many wedding couples choose Strömholm’s romantic setting for their weddings. Strömsholm is also a hippological center with, among other things, annual horse competitions.

DJI Mavic 3 in Strömsholm, Sweden, 2023-07-10 Music: Dismantle – Peter Sandberg

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