written by Tomas Johansson
11 · 07 · 05

Film from the Swedish Armed Forces on Operation Ebtekar 2. For two weeks, the Combat Camera followed the soldiers in the plotons Bravo Qubec and Charlie Qubec from FS21, when they performed operation Ebtekar 2. The film is intended to give a slight insight into what it’s like to be a soldier in Afghanistan, but we also hear the Commander of FS21, Rickard Johansson tell us what the operation is about.


Tomas Johansson

I have worked in IT for more than 25 years, as a consultant, system administrator and technician. As a consultant, i have worked with system integration and development. I have also managed Windows client deployment for Swedish Armed Forces. I have a broad experience of most things in IT and still has a burning interest in learning new technologies and how to best use the technology.

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